A granny flat is one that accommodates one or two people and is a very self-containing area for living, which is usually found on the grounds where there is one family home. This flat can be a detached part or can also be attached to the main component of the main home. This property is normally addressed as finest granny flats due to the popular use of to accommodate parents who are aging.

They are quite homely and are convenient to those who do not want to have a large space of area to live in. In the world of builders, these flats are known as accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or accessory apartment. There are other names such as in- law apartments, casita, ohana unit, bonus unit, granny pods or mother-in-law units. They fall into the category of houses. These units can be used by nannies that look after the young members of the family and need to rise early in the morning to help them get ready for the day. These units come as rentals but there are laws, restrictions and rules that should be considered.


These contain everything similar to a full-sized house unit along with a complete kitchen. In certain units, a kitchen will not be available and therefore you will not have a place to keep a microwave, fridge or even a stove.

The granny pods

The latest business concept is the granny pod. This offers high technology facilities that will assist with remote access. Some devices have timed dispensers for medication. There are toilet temperature checks as well, which can do modest urinalysis.


There are many complications when trying to add a casita. You will need to get special permissions from municipal councils, laws from the zonal areas, restrictions when it concerns about building, the concerns about the neighbour and other applicable regulations. When constructing a new unit, there are many difficulties especially when finances are concerned. You will have to consider if driveways are necessary and if there are parking available off the street.

However, all the new fabrics and material that are available helps build these units very easily unlike before. You might need to check if certain materials have been banned in certain neighbourhoods too.

Before you go ahead with the granny flat, you need to ensure that you compare both the pros and cons of this housing category. Make sure that you have enough space, time and finances to work on this project very carefully.
Wish you the best with this ADU project!